Tilt&Turn window hardware

Maco Multi-Trend - a hardware system which meets all the requirements.

Secure windows
The issue of a windows burglar resistance gains more prominence every day. You need to be able to produce windows that are both reliable and secure.

With the stepwise adding of security type cams you can progressively raise the security level of your window.
The security cams are auto-adjusting to the air gaps between 10 and 14 mm.

The greater travel of locking pieces (+-19mm) gives you bigger tolerance when positioning striker plates. The cams travel further into the striker plate, this is particularly important for security striker plates.

Functional window
Smooth operation through the use of high quality materials and surface protection coatings.
The sash lifter and mishandling device is factory-fitted to the drive gear, and prevents the sash from dropping, lifting it to the correct position.

The look of windows further can be enhanced with the use of fully concealed hinges or the cover caps which match the color of the handles.

The overall function of your windows can be improved by the use of a few additional components. You can add additional night ventilation to the window, by replacing just the scissor stay.

The work with Maco Multi-Trend saves on cost and places you one step further ahead of the competition.

Advantages for the window manufacturer
Hinges adjustable in every direction, the gasket pressure is simple to adjust.
With the unique coupling system the need for special cropping machines is unnecessary, the cutting tolerance is max 10 mm.
The sash lifter helps extend the service intervals, your customers will be satisfied for ten years time.
The basic hardware is suitable for PVC or wood windows.

The system is made by just a few basic type of elements.

The fixing clips in the back of the hardware help reduce installation time.

The system is compatible with a wide range of PVC and wood window profiles.

With the help of the A, B, C measures marked on the below figure we can determine which hinge size has to be used for a particular profile. You have to provide also the nut distance too (4 or 12 mm).

With addtional elements you can make almost every type of window, be they round or angled.

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